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Ballet is one of the most gratifying classes we offer, yet it can be the most challenging. Its focus on precise technique will build a necessary foundation for younger dancers and refine the skills of older students in styles such as Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Contemporary, . Ballet teaches alignment, placement, balance, and elegance — skills fundamental to a dancer’s development. Try Ballet, and give yourself the chance to begin your rich dance education, while experiencing art in its purest form. 



Studying Jazz can be an exhilarating journey, one that will give dancers greater confidence in performing with power and personality. Jazz relies on a dancer’s classical training, yet pushes them to connect emotionally to music and movement. Jazz can be explored through many different styles: Traditional Jazz, Theatre Jazz, Modern, African, Lyrical — the list is endless. We are excited to offer Jazz that will help dancers expand their movement vocabulary.


Creative Combo

Children’s Combination classes are designed for students as young as 2 years old. This will incorporate Ballet & Tap styles, accommodating youngsters’ attention spans while exposing each student to multiple dance forms. This a great place to start a child’s dance education, one that can create friendships and foster a passion that will last a lifetime.



Contemporary dance is a beautiful fusion of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Hip-Hop that stresses versatility and fluidity. From concert settings to So You Think You Can Dance, Contemporary has become a widely publicized art form; it is currently the most popular style for competitive dancers and aspiring professionals. Contemporary embraces a multitude of musical styles, a variety of costuming, and is often recognized as being performed in bare feet. By taking Contemporary, dancers can participate in the creation of groundbreaking choreography and experiment with their own relationship to movement, further refining their ability to combine technique, emotion, and artistry.



Acrobatics & Flexibility classes provide a remarkable range of experiences in which children can learn to confidently perform novel and intricate elements. Dancer-athletes pursuing acrobatics must have powerful muscles, good flexibility, and exceptional balance. The goal of these classes is to provide a safe, healthy environment in which students can master this impressive, yet challenging practice.



From freestyle to funk, Hip-Hop is a great way for dancers of any level to stay active and explore innovative movement. At our studio, a thrilling combination of great music and an atmosphere of safe, fun self-expression has led dancers to attend. Because Hip-Hop is not limited to one style or technique, access to a variety of its exciting forms is a must!

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Creating rhythms and sounds through dance makes Tap a truly unique experience. Tap dance develops musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to “hear” music. Understanding the relationship between sound and dance is crucial to a dancer’s growth. Tap is regarded as a true American dance form that has been passed down for generations.



Leaps & Turns technique is an important aspect of every dancer’s repertoire and can be applied to every style a student pursues. These classes break down turns from the most basic (chaines, piques, pirouettes) to the most advanced (fouetes, a la seconds, grand pirouettes), as well as introduce specialty jump sequences. With Turns, our goal is to enhance a student’s ability to execute a complex series of turns correctly and safely; students will feel confident that they can do so consistently while they are on stage.

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